Author Topic: Thank you and Brags from GotDog? in Montana  (Read 531 times)

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Thank you and Brags from GotDog? in Montana
« on: November 26, 2018, 11:59:21 AM »
Thank you to all the awesome exhibitors that came to the last GotDog? trial in Montana this past weekend! It was great to watch all your dogs run and to visit with all of you! The Turkey dinner social gathering on Friday was a lot of fun! I think I am still stuffed from all that pie!

Jeannie and I cannot express our gratitude enough for all those that helped make the trial run smoothly. A round of applause for everyone who stepped in when needed and especially for Mollie for basically leash running every class but her own. I think she said she walked about 11,000 steps the first day! You go girl!

There was so much joking and laughter throughout the weekend, I know I had a smile on my face all day long!

Thank you goes out to the SP-1 Judge Mike Omartian for bringing and setting some really nice courses! And to Jeannie Biggers for supervising and quizzing him all weekend long! It was a pleasure working with him!

And thank you to Mary and Kent for filming us all! We love you!!

We do have some wonderful brags to announce too!

NATCHs earned:
Jimmy and Trip earned their 1st ever NATCH! Woohoo! Amanda and Nargles earned their 2nd NATCH! Sweet!!
New Titles earned:
Jester earned the Elite Regular and Elite Tngo Title! Yea!
Kiesha earned Superior Intro Weavers, Intro Chances and Intro Jumpers Titles! Way to go Kiesha!
Elvin earned the Novice Reg Title! Go Elvin!
Cooti earned the 1000 Lifetime points award! Yea!
Cooti earned Open Hoopers and Open Tngo Title! Sweet!
Mayhem earned a Novice Tngo Title. Yea!
Shasta earned the Elite Chances Title. Oh so Sweet!
Jag earned a Novice Hoopers title in 2 runs by getting 15 pt Qs on both rounds! Woohoo!
Dozer ran in his first trial after a year off and earned his Novice Tunnelers Title! Way to go Dozer!
Other fun stuff:
Cara ran in Intro Tunnelers and Intro Jumpers and didn't fall down!! We are all proud of you Cara!!
Jeanne says this was Jesters first time in all Elite Classes and it was Gypsy's last trial and is retiring from agility! Gypsy, you deserve to become a full fledged couch potato now!
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