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Colleen Flam

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Re: NATCh Pole Question
« Reply #30 on: December 16, 2018, 07:26:25 AM »
Here at Rocky Top Mountain K9 Agility in Lancing, TN we give out 4 Natch and V-Natch Bars and Ribbons but if they earn both at the same time than we combine  both on the bar.  They get a ribbon for each title earned.  I made some 2 bars for the All Around and that seems to be a big hit.  We also put dogs name on it and new for 2019 will be date earned.


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Re: NATCh Pole Question
« Reply #31 on: December 23, 2018, 04:39:30 PM »
At K9 Corps Agility we award bars to All-Around NATCH winners only.  Anyone who earns a NATCH here for the first time gets a NATCH Leash (not just first NATCH ever, first time they hit ANY NATCH at one of our trials) and all NATCH winners get a big honkin' ribbon ... often bigger than the dog.

We buy plain furniture grade PVC and purchase the vinyl decoration from Emma Vlcek in Virginia.  She can mail the design to me and I put it on the bar ... works great / saves on shipping.

I hope this helps!

Jeff Riedl
K9 Corps Agility - Greenville, WI
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Rebecca Kriz

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Re: NATCh Pole Question
« Reply #32 on: December 23, 2018, 05:13:52 PM »
When I moved to TN (from WI) I was utterly dismayed when I saw that the tradition at all of the AKC trials here is to take the bar from the last jump on course. No fancy decorated bar? A dirty old bar? After I spent all that money?  lol  Thankfully I know people who can cut decals for me so I can decorate them properly.

I really appreciate that the NADAC clubs here offer beautifully decorated bars and fantastic ribbons. Kaiser just did back to back weekends to get NATCH 4 followed by V-NATCH 3 and went out of my way to attend those trials because of their bling.  :)  If you want nice NATCH and AA-NATCH gear, come to TN!

I know it's an expense to clubs, but competitors do appreciate it.

This post reminds me of something that don't think it happens around here anymore, since the particular equipment guy has moved away. At trials that rented this one provider's equipment, he had slightly prettier than normal bars made that were used on only the last jump. You were given this jump bar for your championship and he had little caps with tassels that you put on after earning it.

It's so interesting to read all the different 'customs' clubs have!
Rebecca, Truly & Mud

Re: NATCh Pole Question
« Reply #33 on: February 04, 2019, 10:46:51 PM »
My business is making title poles.  I make them for many of the Southern California clubs.   I also make the shorter (2') poles for the NADAC FunRaisers that Chris hosts.  I make both the long 4' poles and the short 2' poles for clubs.  What many of the clubs here do is give the long poles for the 1st NATCH, VersNATCH, and/or All-Around NATCH, and short ones for subsequent ones.  Some only give ribbons with the poles for the first one, and just a short pole for those after.  I think some clubs do ask what the exhibitor wants... 

I provide info with each pole so that the exhibitor can contact me for a personalized decal. 

I understand the finances behind what clubs provide... I'm the treasurer of my club.  However, as an exhibitor, I'm also proud of the accomplishment of my team, and know how much time, effort and finances went into earning our title.  I would never want to short shrift anyone's accomplishment and journey, so our club provides a pole and ribbon for each NATCH earned.  Each team has a unique journey, and we want to help celebrate that journey.  Creating a lasting memory for the teams involved is priceless. 

I do not make much from my business.  It is truly a labor of love.  But there are expenses that need to be paid, and at least a little satisfaction that I earned "something" from the business.  The clubs here appreciate that they are able to give very nice poles that reflect their club.  Each club pole has their logo and colors on it.  And they save themselves the work of making the poles themselves.  I hope it is a win-win situation for us all. 


Amen, Dayle!
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