Author Topic: Breakaway Action Dog (BAD), MD January Trial...thank you!!!  (Read 487 times)

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Breakaway Action Dog (BAD), MD January Trial...thank you!!!
« on: January 08, 2019, 02:55:35 PM »
What an AWESOME Breakaway Action Dog (BAD) trial we had in Maryland this past weekend.  It was a fun filled, ribbons flying out the door, great friends, wonderful judge, wicked fun challenging courses, decent weather (i.e. no snow or ice), and just a great weekend.
Thank you to all the exhibitors who came out and supported us; helped build courses and work the ring and had great attitudes that made this weekend so successful.  THANK YOU!!!  I will also say that we are doing the double run format and everyone seemed to enjoy running the course again and we all liked the little less course building we had to do; especially for tunnelers.  Come out and give this a trial too. 
We also changed the flooring to turf and the dogs (and people too) LOVED IT!!!  Come try it out at our February trial.
Thanks also to our wonderful judge, Carole Daggett who always has a smile on her face and an awesome attitude and great to work with.   Courses were a ton of fun to run.  Thanks for helping us make this trial great.  You rocked!!!
We will be having our Games Only (TN; TG; WV) trials in our building in February and April again. Hope to see you at them. J Check our website for it at: .  The February one is posted.
Thanks to everyone who came out and supported BAD. Hope everyone had as much fun as I did.  Hope to see you all again real soon.
Congratulations to everyone and thanks for making it a great trial. See below for the list of brags that we had for this trial.  Congratulations to all on your successes.
Trial Chair
Weekend Brags:
Michelle & Luna got their BR-N title
Kala & Ivy got their BR-N title and their 1st Elite Q
Chris and Darci got their 1st Q ever in Weavers (of all things per Chrissyís comments) and then got her TN-N title
Donna & Mazie got their O-XB-O title
Stacey & Skye got their O-BR-E title
Lori & Ion got their TN-N title
Shannon & Connor got their O-TN-N title (and that is NOT shocking)
Kate & Reba got their WV-E title
Debbie & Dart got their Versatility NATCH #13
Stephanie & Gus go their S-HP-E title which also earned them their Elite All Around and then to top it off, got their S-WV-E title which also earned them their Elite Superior Versatility title and their Triple Superior Versatility title.
Again congrats to everyone!! You all ROCKED this trial.  See you in February and April!!  Donít forget about our new building that is heated and/or air conditioned that you can now crate in when it is cold or hot outside.  Plus the new turf floor which everyone ran well on.
Jean Wilkins
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