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Addicted to Agility,RI THANKS ( revised )
« on: August 02, 2012, 12:41:24 PM »
Thanks .... to all you Ö Addicted to Agility players new & old! Total raised for Toys for Tots this weekend $109.00!

This weekend had us celebrating NADAC agility but also taking a moment to pay tribute to all our furry partners, their birthdays and of course to see the Young at Heart ( retirees ) run once again. Thanks to the Addicted Team.. you got to eat cake! And of course everyone enjoyed playing with the new puppies ( Addicted fur balls in training )!

We could not do it without your help and support.  Everyone worked together as a team and our last classes of the day packed with workers and smiling faces. It doesnít get any better then that!

So many special awards, titles this weekend. Congrats to all for all your hard work and NADAC team dedication!

Lifetime 2000pts                                         Joyce Rivers & Riggs & Fred Brazeil & Beau   
Elite Superior Versatility Award                   Fred Brazeil & Beau
Elite Superior Chances Award                     Fred Brazeil & Beau
Elite Superior Tunnelers Award                   Diane Williamson & Bea
Elite Superior Weaverís Award                   Fred Brazeil & Beau
Elite Outstanding Jumperís Award              Alison Martins/Jinx
Elite Outstanding Regular Award               Cheryl Acampora & Allie
Open Versatility Award                                Penny Konesko & Penny
Open Outstanding Jumperís Award             Lee Ann Lippa & Abby ďthe pugĒ   
Novice Superior Chances  Award                Penny Konesko & Penny
Novice Superior Touch N Go Award             Laurie Hiestand & Freddy

Thanks to Bernie Doyle ( judge ) for a fun weekend full of NADAC challenges. Surprise.. Judge Bernie was voted best purple on Sunday!  Judgesís Choice awards.. Marie Lewis & Suzie and Linda Malmgren & Tony! Two handler teams that inspire us all!

Congrats to the graduating class of the Young at Heart Run!
Mike Whall & Zeus
Donna Allen & Mandy
Cheryl Tarateta & Biski
Lorena Proia & Jack

Hope to see you for our next another fun weekend! Check out ("like") the Addicted to Agility's Facebook page for the latest information!

Addicted Team
Deb Totten

Wild Terriers

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Addicted to Agility,RI THANKS ( revised )
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2012, 10:09:37 PM »
I would very much like to thank everyone involved with this trial!!!  I got to add another state to my list of states which I've done agility in last weekend and what a wonderful time Morgan, the Puppers and I had.  AMAZING site - air conditioned WELL - just perfect for the dogs - great turf - awesome hospitality by Michelle and Mike, Beth and Mark, and a very welcoming environment from the competitors once they realized that the Rat Terrier - Sammi - did not in fact drop in from another planet - grin. And, on top of all of that Mark and Beth loaned Shayna to Morgan to run - Morgan had a blast and is already trying to figure out how we might get to another one of your trials during the school year.  It was great to spend time with the few people there I know and what fun to meet lots of new doggy friends.  As one who chooses not to run outdoors in the Summer, I want you to know how much I appreciate the significant financial risk undertaken by you in order to put on these trials!!!!

And, of course Bernie was the awesome judge she always is and it was great fun spending some time with her!!!

Thanks again and you can be sure the Merrimans will be back!!!!

Your extra touches did not go unnoticed by us.

Karen and the Wild Terriers
Karen and the Wild Terriers