Author Topic: A CELEBRATION TRIAL, Canby, OR Aug. 18-19  (Read 1272 times)

Becky Woodruff

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« on: August 12, 2012, 09:23:36 AM »
Hi All,

NADAC is hosting a FUN-raiser at the Canby, OR site this coming weekend, Aug. 18-19.  If you decide at the last minute you want to join the fun, don't hesitate!  We will take day of show entries.

Our plan is to run two alternating rings.  On Sat. we'll start with Chances, then Weavers, Regular Agility, Tunnelers and then Jumpers.
On Sun. We'll start with Jumpers, then Touch N Go, Regular Agility, Hoopers and Chances.

The class order could change, depending on how the courses lay out and what builds most efficiently, but we'll do our best to stick to the above.  For sure we'll start with Chances, then Weavers.
Regular Agility will run Elite-Elite, Open-Open, Novice-Novice and the rest of the classes will run Elite-Ope-Novice.

This is a CELEBRATION TRIAL!   We are celebrating some agility accomplishments such as a NATCH, a Novice All Around Award, a weave entry hit at a distance of 20', and just because we want to celebrate with our dogs, friends and running agility!

NADAC will provide sandwich fixings and my special recipe...   bags of chips! 

Becky Woodruff


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Re: A CELEBRATION TRIAL, Canby, OR Aug. 18-19
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Sounds like great fun, count us in for Saturday. I can hardly wait to try your special recipe.

Pat & Fallon