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NADAC Gambler Run-Through/Seminar at Artful Dodgers, in Maryland
« on: September 03, 2019, 12:14:48 PM »
September 28, 2019:  New NADAC Gamblers Class Workshop with Jean Wilkins
There is a new NADAC Gamblers Class!
Want to see what it is about?
Want to have a better understanding of the game?
Want to give it a try?
Want to just come and have fun!
Join us on Saturday, September 28th at Oriole Dog Training Club.
Pick a morning or afternoon session!
Morning 9:30 a.m. to Noon
Afternoon 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Courses and gambles will be set up and you can give it a try. We will offer strategies and possible plans on how to run a course. Each run will be timed and scored so you can see how you do.
This Gamblers class is something very new to NADAC, and not like Chances at all. There are only a few obstacles behind a line and lots of obstacles out there to earn points on.
The basic goal of the game is to:
1) Earn points by successfully completing obstacles
2) Successfully complete the Gamble, which is a 3-6 obstacle section of the course with a handler limitation
3) Do all of this in less time than your Standard Course Time for your jumping height.
For placements you want to earn as many points as possible, while staying under your Standard Course Time (SCT).
More information on rules are available here:
Price includes one strategy workshop and two gamblers runs.
Pre-entered $15 for ODTC members, $20 non-members
Additional runs as time permits $5/run payable prior to run

Limited to 30 dogs per workshop.

If workshop does not fill, Day of Show will be accepted $25 for ODTC members, $30 for non-members.
When registering, please indicate your Gamblers/Chances Level.
Open now! Enter online here:
New NADAC Gamblers Class Morning Workshop 9:30am 12pm
New NADAC Gamblers Class Afternoon Workshop 1:00pm-3:30pm

Location: 9 Azar Court, Halethorpe, MD 21227

As the total number of working slots are limited, please register early.  All slots will be on a first received basis.  No refunds will be given unless there is a waiting list, or you find a replacement for your slot.

E-mail questions regarding the seminars to Cindy Deubler at:
E-mail questions regarding the registration for seminars to
All Oriole Dog Training Club policies will be in effect, including the following
         There is a $5 clean-up fee for accidents that occur on the turf
         Only non-crumbly, non-staining dog treats may be used on the field
         Dogs are to be relieved in designated outdoor areas
         Dogs are to be crated when not working
For more policy information, go to
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Re: NADAC Gambler Run-Through/Seminar at Artful Dodgers, in Maryland
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just a reminder about our Run Throughs for the new NADAC Gamblers Class.  See below for details. 

Also we will be using our new NADAC contacts if you want to try them out before the seminar.

Also just noticed I need to update my signature to

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Jean Wilkins
Zephyr, Wit, & Autumn