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Sara Langston

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Fun Times at Laughing Dog Agility
« on: October 22, 2019, 07:17:53 AM »
Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came out and helped celebrate Laughing Dog Agility's 10th Anniversary of hosting NADAC agiltiy trials.  We had a delicious Bar B Que dinner on Friday night and some great door prizes.  Everyone had lots to eat and the banana pudding was to die for!!!!!!  Saturday saw some more prized given out in the form of toys and such.  It was great fun!!!!  Below are pictures of some of the fun. 

Marcy Matties was our judge and she brought some really challenging courses with her.  She was very helpful to the new people and made sure they understood NADAC rules and procedures.  We really enjoyed having her visit with us. 

There were lots of really good runs and some "not so good" runs.  Even in the "not so good" runs, the handlers and the dogs had fun.  That's what it is all about --- leaving the course happy!!!!!

Below is a list of the titles that were earned during the trial:

Susan Barmby - Piper, Sheltie - Elite Outstanding Tunnelers Certificate & Novice Outstanding Regular Certificate
Sandra Huner - Zodi Otis, Boxer - Open Regular  Certificate
Sara Langston - Kyanne, Poodle - Novice Regular Certificate; Novice Chances Certificate; Open Weavers Certificate; & Elite Outstanding Tunnelers Certificate
Lynn Nagrani - Katy, Poodle - Novice Tunnelers Certificate
Alesa Ryals - Pebbles, All American - Elite Jumpers Certificate, Novice Barrelers Certificate, & Open Superior Tunnelers Certificate
Janice Shavor - Walker, Swedish Valhund -Elite Touch n Go Certificate
Mary Stone - Marty, Sheltie - Open Tunnelers Certificate

Congratulations to all these teams for earning these advanced titles with some really good runs. 

We started something new at this trial with a board on which people wrote comments on "What Went Right With My Run".  There were things like Zodi is back after 7 months off for rehab; Dancer got his contacts; Marty did a set of 6 weaves; Kyanne held a start line; and many, many more.  All the exhibitors thought this was a great idea and could hardly wait after a run to go write something good that happened during that run on the board.  So much fun reading all the comments to see what people felt good about.  Check out our Facebook page for pictures of the board.  We will do another one at our next trial. 

A huge thank you to all the people who worked during the trial from unloading the trailer to ring crew to entering scores to loading the trailer.  This trial was very small and everyone pitched in to help do multiple jobs and it was great appreciated.  Trials can't be done without workers.     
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Re: Fun Times at Laughing Dog Agility
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Congratulations on 10 years Sara and Laughing Dog!
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Re: Fun Times at Laughing Dog Agility
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Marcy had a very interesting TnGo course on Sat.  There was a place that was a new sort of challenge for TnGo.  Several of us walked our full time for Elite on this and were wondering just how our dogs would react.  Dogs had no problems!  Love courses like that; ones that are great for the dogs but make handlers think a bit!

Laughing Dog always has great trials!  Come join Sara and friends!
Janice Shavor
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