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Tails Up Agility, Chesapeake, VA, 01-03 NOV 2019 – Thanks!
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November 1-3, 2019

Thanks for spending your Weekend with us!  Much Thanks to our judges, Becki Umberger and Ron Young.  Our chief course builder Karen Hough did a great job of corralling volunteers to move equipment.  Thanks Rita and Kim for such a great facility.  Thanks Emily for another totally awesome Yappy Lunch with more food than could be eaten!  We are so excited to see all the Photo Booth pictures all over Face Book and glad everyone enjoyed it.  Thank You EVERYONE for pitching in!  The weather was FABULOUS for being outside in November.  Once again we had new exhibitors, new to NADAC, and new to Agility – so Exciting!!

Congrats to all the victories this weekend:
Raven Finished her Debut run!
Razz was 6 for 6 Friday
Piper Versatility NATCH 17
Toni is proud of hubby Peter who ran his First Agility Trial with a dog on his First Agility Trial too!
Bradley got his First Q and First First Place!
Rosie did NOT drop any bars and got leashed up on Jumpers!
Bradley (Border Collie) got First Q at First Trial!
Tomi ran great, enjoyed meeting new people and old friends.  We had a Wonderful Time!
Tomi earned her Intro Regular Title
Raven got her First Q ever and didn’t bark that run!
Kable got his Intro Barrelers and Hoopers Titles   :-)
Chelsea Versatility NATCH 30
Lil got Open Jumpers Title
Finn went 5 for 6 Saturday
Diego had 11/12 Qs Friday/Saturday and received his Outstanding Intro Weavers and Superior Intro Hoopers
Boogie Superior Open Regular
Blink NATCH 9
Becki Built a Proper Pinwheel!
Darci Superior Open Regular and Open Triple Superior
Rosie got her contacts for Intro Chances in Round 2     YAY
Boogie First Elite Regular Q
Kable did his First ever Novice Class and killed it!
Diego was 2/2 Sunday w/Emily and IOCC
Piper had a Perfect Sunday
Bosch had a Perfect Sunday

Several “First Q” ribbons were handed out as well!!!  Congratulations Everyone!

Thank You for your support!  Come back and play again February 22-23, 2020!
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Re: Tails Up Agility, Chesapeake, VA, 01-03 NOV 2019 – Thanks!
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Congratulations Becki !!  ;D ;D ;D ;D
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