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Thanks from Laughing Dog
« on: January 28, 2020, 08:17:58 AM »
A huge thank you to all the people who came to Autaugaville, AL, this past weekend to play in the dirt with Laughing Dog Agility.  We had a great time.  Lots of fun for everyone.  Thanks to all the people who jumped in and help doing all the jobs that have to be done for a trial to run smoothly.  It was a very small trial, however, everyone worked very hard so we always had people in the needed spots.  A very special thanks to Sandra Huner, Chief Course Builder and her helpers.  Courses were set quickly and accurately.  Thanks to Alesa Ryals, Worker Coordinator, for being sure all spots were filled in the ring so the classes could run.  Thanks to Susan Barmby, Chief Data Input Person, for staying on top of getting scores out for the exhibitors as quickly as possible.  All the people who are willing to help make my job a lot easier. 

Randy Pratt is an outstanding judge.  We had many comments on how patient and helpful he was.  All the courses he brought with him were challenging and fun to run.  There were some really hard parts, but nothing you and your dog couldn't do.  It was so much fun just watching how each team handled a certain part of a course.  Randy made sure anyone who had a question got it answered and took particular care with the Novice people to be sure they understood any rule or situation that was new to them. 

We had lots of success stories as shown by our Brag Board!!!  Below is a list of some of the titles earned at this trial. 

First and foremost - Mary Jo Thompson and her Sheltie partner, Sammy, earned their NATCH 5 and their V-NATCH 5.  Way to go Mary Jo and Sammy!!!!!!

Pauline Appleby - River - Golden Retriever - Elite Tunnelers Certificate and Elite Weavers Certificate
Sandy Langan - Dusty - Sheltie - NATCH 8 Weavers
Sara Langston - Kyanne - Standard Poodle - Open Barrelers Certificate and Novice Outstanding Chances
Linda Larson - Eddie - Standard Poodle - Intro Tunnelers Certificate, Intro Regular Certificate, Intro Jumpers Certificate, Intro Chances Certificate, Intro Weavers Certificate and Intro Touch n Go Certificate
Tamie Rogers - Hijinx - Border Collie - Outstanding Elite Gamblers
Alesa Ryals - Pebbles - All American - Outstanding Open Agility Certificate
Alesa Ryals - Music - Sheltie - Outstanding Tunnelers Elite
Alesa Ryals - Rupert - Sheltie - Open Tunnelers Certificate
Janice Shavor - Walker - Swedish Valhund - Superior Weavers Open and Open All Around
Nick Sparks - Breanna - Sheltie - Open Weavers Certificate

Congratulations to all these great teams who earned new titles!!!! 

We will be doing this again in March so come join in the fun.  Love to see you here!!!!
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