Author Topic: 2020 Championships Attendance questionnaire  (Read 1208 times)

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2020 Championships Attendance questionnaire
« on: March 11, 2020, 08:53:43 AM »
Hi All!

For obvious reasons, this year people are waiting a bit longer to send in their entries for Championships.   Which is perfectly understandable.

So what we're doing is sending out a quick, one question survey.     Just asking whether you're planning on attending or not.

We're doing this because there are a lot of planning stages that go into Champs, and a lot of the purchases need to be planned out well in advance.    So basically we don't want to plan on spending the money that we would for a 350 dog event, if we're only going to have 250 dogs this year.

So if you're planning on attending this year please take the time to to click 'yes' and help us make this the best year yet!