Author Topic: Calculating Novice Weavers  (Read 1286 times)

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Calculating Novice Weavers
« on: April 15, 2020, 06:44:47 PM »
Looking to calculate course time for Novice weavers.  The course maps show an Into weavers and then all others.  I know there is a slight course change for Novice but it's not shown.  I plan on doing Smiley @ 8".


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Re: Calculating Novice Weavers
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2020, 06:47:16 PM »
Elite, Open and Novice is calculated with all 3 long sets of weaves in the calculator.  Then be sure to select Novice and Weavers on the pull down menu, and set the jump height to 8".

With the exception of the Quarantine courses which only use short sets of weave poles.  On that course only use the short weaves for the calculations for all levels. For that course the number of sets perform will change for each level's  calculations.
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