Author Topic: NADAC Video Run Challenge!  (Read 12967 times)

Lynn Broderick

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Re: NADAC Video Run Challenge!
« Reply #45 on: May 18, 2020, 12:17:19 PM »
Thank you SO MUCH for this Challenge!  We know this is a lot of work for you, and we all appreciate your efforts!

We had a wonderful time running it Saturday- the dogs were so happy to have full courses to run- for some it was the first time out since March when classes and trials were canceled.  Apparently we all have some re-calibrating to do after the break.

Us humans had a chance to practice some safe distancing in a "trial" situation with a few of our club members, and I'm pleased to say we all handled it well.  It was a great excuse to see each other and talk about how we will handle covid19 precautions at our future trials.

Lynn Broderick

PS I apologize for tacking 2 Hoopers runs onto my Challenge batch, but I ran them last week and had to get them submitted before their deadline. 
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Re: NADAC Video Run Challenge!
« Reply #46 on: May 19, 2020, 02:36:01 PM »
No reason why those without contacts canít just compete in the Jumpers! Just do it! Wish you could come to my place for the contacts. I live in LA. Lower Alabama!

Melissa Wallace
    There is also a problem of space.  City folks don't have space to set a course, and training facilities are still closed. So unless Chris would let us set 3 obstacles, video, set the next 3, video....LOL.  We all have different challenges. 
   Have fun.  Someday the rest of us will have out dogs out on a course.
Karen Birdsong,
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Re: NADAC Video Run Challenge!
« Reply #47 on: May 20, 2020, 08:23:24 AM »
Are you going to do this again?  Maybe we will all be better organized. 


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Re: NADAC Video Run Challenge!
« Reply #48 on: May 20, 2020, 03:31:15 PM »
I hope they do it again! Maybe having a week would be nice but i understand wanting a weekend. Or do regular one weekend jumpers next.
Amata & Edraith


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Re: NADAC Video Run Challenge!
« Reply #49 on: May 20, 2020, 04:42:17 PM »
I'm agreeing with everyone, I hope they do it again!
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