Author Topic: A Picture of HOW TO use the VT SUBMISSION page  (Read 1222 times)

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A Picture of HOW TO use the VT SUBMISSION page
« on: May 25, 2020, 02:23:41 PM »
Hi VT folks,
To help with the confusion upon submitting VTs on the Website, I would like to share a document I made that physically shows you, in a picture, what you need to do in the submission form to help speed up and clarify the process of submitting videos. Especially multiple videos on one submission form.  Many people do one at a time and have to pay, one at a time. That takes time for you and really loads up the paypal work at our end. Plus it is more work for the Review Team to open and close Hundreds of Batches of single videos, when they could simply click on the next video in a batch and start watching.

A helpful hint..... one thing that I do when submitting multiple videos at once, is to upload ALL my videos I want to submit, then I copy and paste all my links into the submission form using the Share button on the video page when the video has finished processing and is open. The Share button allows you to simply click the "Copy the link" button. So you don't have to highlight anything, it just goes to your clipboard, waiting for you to hit PASTE in the submission form. Be sure to 'Play' the video you submit on the form to make sure it is the correct video before hitting ADD !!! We get a lot of videos that say it's jumpers but it really is Chances. So the person really wanted the jumpers video and accidentally sent the Chances video.

Another helpful hint......Please, Please don't physically type in the link to the submission form instead of 'copy' and 'paste, mistakes are made because it is really hard to know if the characters are oh's or zeros. Or ones and L's.  So only 'Copy' and Paste your links.  A mistake on the link will give us an unviewable video, which means an email to you from the VT Review Team.

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