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Results from VT challenge
« on: June 23, 2020, 06:21:52 AM »
I was wondering if I missed a posting regarding the full results from the VT challenge and when it will be streamed by Four Legged Flix.  It would be fun to "see" my agility friends and their dogs.

Chris Nelson

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Re: Results from VT challenge
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2020, 07:57:25 AM »
The original plan was to release the full results at the same time as the live streaming.    But the live streaming hasn't happened yet and I'm not 100% sure why.   I'll try to check in and see what the hold up is :)

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Re: Results from VT challenge
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2020, 10:37:43 AM »
The company with the live streaming has been having some personal issues and things kinda got delayed with them. I will be posting the results this week! :-)

Thanks for being so patient!!

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