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2021 Champs Qualification Question
« on: October 25, 2020, 11:54:10 AM »
The 2021 Champs Info Sheet says that if a dog that qualifies for Pre-Elite but has more than 100 combined points in Elite Regular, Chances and Jumpers he will be moved to Elite. I would like to verify that is true for a dog that has most of those points in Elite Chances and Jumpers but very few Elite Regular (but enough Novice and Open Regular to qualify for Pre-Elite).  In other words, I want to verify there is not a donut hole where a dog has too many Elite points for Pre-Elite but not enough Elite Regular for Elite Champs.

I would like to qualify my young dog for 2021 champs.  I really do not care whether she runs Elite or Pre-Elite. In my experience the talent difference between the top dogs in the two is not nearly as great as many believe.  With Covid-19, our opportunities for regular Q's this winter will be limited to external venue outdoor VT runs.  On the other hand, I am hoping for a whole lot more opportunities to run short course VTs for Jumpers and Chances in my own yard. I do not want to progress my young dog to the point that she has too many Elite points for Pre-Elite Champs but not enough Elite Regular to qualify for Elite Champs.  Is that something I should be concerned about and hold her back in Jumpers and Chances?

Arne Lindberg

Chris Nelson

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Re: 2021 Champs Qualification Question
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2020, 03:00:00 PM »
Hey Arne,

So it would technically be possible to point out of Pre-Elite, while still not earning enough points in Regular.   

We changed it because we were having an issue where folks were basically getting multiple NATCH's in every class except for Regular, and then staying in Open Regular so that they could enter Pre-Elite.  So we just needed a way to keep Pre-Elite a little more true to it's original intention.

But like you've found, it does open up a bit of a tough situation in regards to where you can qualify to enter.   

The good news is that we never really fill to the point where we have to turn anyone away, especially since we started with two rings.    So we're usually pretty lenient in letting dogs in if they can show they have the skills.  So you can just send an email and we can look into your point history, and if it looks like you would do alright in Elite then we would let you enter that way.

My opinion is that the qualifications should just go away in general, and the best dogs show up and the best dog that week wins.   But people like being able to say they qualified so I doubt that'll ever happen :)