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Great Trial with Laughing Dog!!!!!!
« on: October 19, 2020, 06:09:17 AM »
WE ARE TRIALING AGAIN!!!!!!!  Laughing Dog Agility just wrapped up the October trial and it was a great success.  Even though it was small, it was a very fun trial.  Things were a little different in some areas because of the virus, however, every single person at the trial did their best to follow the guidelines set out to help keep everyone safe.  Everyone jumped in to help with ring crew and such whenever needed and many stayed to help load the trailer after the trial.  It is amazing what can be done when people pull together to get a job done.  It was wonderful. 

Our judge, Scott Casino, is one of NADAC's finest judges as he is so easy going and accommodating.  He made our newbies feel right at home and was available to answer any and all questions.  His courses were very challenging, but sooooooooooooo much fun to run.  At every level, there was something to take home and practice.  The judge sets the tone for the trial and Scott is one of the best at making everyone feel comfortable and giving help to the Trial Secretary when needed.  Thank you so much, Scott. 

Congratulations to Kris DuRocher and Ditto for earning their first NATCH!!!!!!  Ditto ran two absolutely perfect Jumpers runs to earn the title.  It was a thing of beauty to watch.  Kris and Ditto make such a great team!!! 

We will be doing it again January 29, 30 & 31, 2021.  Come play in the dirt with us!!!!!!

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