Author Topic: Jan 1, 2021 Leash and toy rule being updated in Exhibitor Handbook  (Read 1015 times)

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For those that have not seen the video from Chris of the latest news and updates, here is what is being updated in the Exhibitor Handbook.

1)  "As of Jan 1st, 2021, handlers may carry a small leash (no harnesses) with them during their run. The leash must be secured in a pocket or fanny pack, in a way that it will not dangle or fall out of the pocket. Or the leash can be looped around the shoulder or waist, but not hanging from the neck. The handler cannot carry the leash in their hand during the run. The leash must be secured or on the ground before the dog or handler passes the plane of the first obstacle. Handlers still have the option of dropping the leash on the ground for the leash runner to pick up."

2 As of January 1, 2021, all handlers (Elite, Open, Novice and Intro) may bring a toy into the ring for a training run. You cannot earn a Qualifying score if you wish to bring a toy into the ring. And you must declare that you are training at the start of your run, not in the middle or end. For safety purposes, toys cannot be in the dog’s mouth while performing obstacles. A toy can be thrown, or given to the dog, as a reward after performing obstacles. Toys thrown should be limited to short distances and never thrown toward the exit gate, or towards the start line dogs. Toys are limited to non-squeaky toys.
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