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Thanks from Breakaway Action Dog, MD
« on: February 10, 2021, 11:58:15 AM »
What an AWESOME Breakaway Action Dog (BAD) trial we had in Maryland this past weekend. It was our first trial since COVID hit but it went off without a hitch.

Thank you to all the exhibitors who came out and supported us; helped build courses and work the ring and had great attitudes that made this weekend so successful.  THANK YOU!!!  It was a pleasure to be at this trial with all the happy people who was always willing to help out.

Thanks to Pat Daggett who designed the very challenging but fun courses for the weekend.  Missed having you judge the trial.  Hope you and Carole are back next year for your normal January and February weekends.  Thanks to Becki Umberger who came and was our head Course Builder and judged me so I could run my dogs.  Missing Fran who moved to Vermont for her retirement, enjoy it and your new puppy.

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported BAD. Hope everyone had as much fun as I did.  Hope to see you all again real soon.

Thanks also to BAD Members, Laurie, Carol, Mary and 3 others who came and worked hard at our trial to make it successful.

Congratulations to everyone and thanks for making it a great trial. See below for the list of brags that we had for this trial.  Congratulations to all on your successes.

Trial Chair

Weekend Brags:

Kirsten and Pippa earned their TG-N; Novice Versatility; TN-O; and BR-O titles.
Sherry and Cord earned their HP-O; O-TN-E; and O-WV-O titles.
Alex and Mickey earned their HP-N; TN-O; and WV-N Titles.
Linda and Rain earned their HP-N Title.
Linda and Porsche earned their S-BR-E Title.
Becki and Keaton earned their Versatility NATH #6.
Chris and Piper earned their All Around NATCH #21.

A journey starts with a single step.  Congrats to all those steps taken this weekend.

Again, congrats to everyone!! You all ROCKED this trial.  See you soon.


Jean Wilkins
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