Premiums for NADAC Hosted Trials


NADAC Hosted Trials are sanctioned events, often held in conjunction with judging clinics, which help fund the annual NADAC Championships. Qualifying scores count towards titles and awards - just like at regular NADAC trials.

Trial Year Trial Date City State Confirmed? Email contact Premium Online Entry Open
2017Nov. 3-5Elk GroveCAConfirmed ElkGroveNov17.docx
2018Aug. 3-5GreenvilleWIConfirmed
2018Feb. 23-25HutchinsonKSPending
2017Nov 17-19HutchinsonKSConfirmed Hutchinson_November_2017.pdf Online Entry Open
2018Jun. 22-24KnoxvilleMDConfirmed-04-24-2017
2018Jan. 26-28LakelandFLConfirmed- 04-26-201
2018Feb. 9-11LakelandFLConfirmed- 04-26-201
2018Feb. 16-18LakelandFLConfirmed- 04-26-201
2018Mar. 16-18LakelandFLConfirmed- 04-26-201
2017Dec. 29 - Jan 1LakelandFLConfirmed- 04-26-201
2018Mar-2-4Mount VernonWAPending
2018May 25-27NampaIDPending
2018May. 11-13NorcoCAConfirmed
2018Jul. 13-15NorcoCAConfirmed
2018Nov. 23-25NorcoCAConfirmed
2018Mar. 2-4PhoenixAZConfirmed
2017Dec. 1-3PhoenixAZConfirmed
2017Dec 15-17RenoNVConfirmed 4-26-2017 Reno_Dec_15-17_2017.pdf Online Entry Open
2018Aug. 24-26StrathmoreABPending