The 2018 NADAC Championships

(Gillette,Wyoming. Sept 27th - 30th)

(Pre-Trial September 25th and 26th)



March 15th: Because of an increased level of interest in the event we are going to be running two rings at the same time for this years event. Pre-Elite will run in one ring while Elite is running in the other. This should make the event run substantially quicker, while allowing more dogs to enter

Team entries will open on August 1st. This way everyone can create teams accurately based on the entries
Volunteer sign ups will open on August 1st.
Sponsor bar sign ups will open on July 1st.

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Past NADAC Championships

The 2017 NADAC Championships

(Sunbury,Ohio. Oct 5th - Oct 8th)

( Pre-Trial Oct 3rd and 4th)

( Address: 2607 Blayney Road, Sunbury, OH, 43074)

awards from NADAC Championship


Round 1 Course Maps

Round 2 Course Maps

Round 3 Course Maps

Round 4 Course Maps

Round 5 Course Maps

Round 6 Course Maps

Round 7 Course Maps

Round 8 Course Maps

Yardages for Championships Courses:

Round 1 Elite: 197
Round 1 Pre-Elite: 173
Round 2 Elite: 203
Round 2 Pre-Elite: 163
Round 3 Elite: 179
Round 3 Pre-Elite: 158
Round 4 Elite: 182
Round 4 Pre-Elite: 182
Round 5 Elite: 265
Round 5 Pre-Elite: 187
Round 6 Elite: 117
Round 6 Pre-Elite: 117
Round 7 Elite: 173
Round 7 Pre-Elite: 173
Finals Round Elite: 177
Finals Round Pre-Elite: 177

Pre-Trial Courses, Tuesday

Pre-Trial Courses, Wednesday
Pre-Trial Results, Tuesday And Wednesday


The NADAC Championships are an annual competition and celebration of achievement in NADAC agility, open to dog and handler teams of all ages and competing at any level or division. Eligibility requirements are generally based upon points earned during the prior 12 months, but may vary from year to year.

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Sponsors for the 2017 NADAC Championships