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The 2021 NADAC Championships

October 5 – 10 In Springfield, Ohio

Location: Champions Center

4122 Laybourne Rd, Springfield, OH 45505

(Pre-Trial October 5th & 6th)

Event Info (Updated August 30th)

Raffle Info: Click Here

Raffle Update:

As we did in 2019 we’re going to have some perks for people who donate items to their state raffle bags.

When you donate to your state raffle bag you will receive 1 ticket for a raffle that contains high value items.

This typically includes Tunnels, Jumps, gift certificates for full weekend entries to NADAC trials and more.

The only way to get tickets for this raffle is to donate to your state basket!

We’re also expanding this a bit as well.   If you donate an item with a value of $20 or less you’ll receive 1 ticket. 

For items between $20.01 and $50 you’ll receive 2 tickets

And for any items worth more than $50 you’ll receive 3 tickets.

You should keep track of what items you have donated and their value so that you can receive the correct number of tickets for the high value raffle!

Run Orders and Group Listings, Updated September 7th
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Info Sheet

Info Sheet can be found here

Qualification Updates

These updates over ride anything currently listed in the 2021 Info Sheet

March 15th: 2021 Championship Qualification Updates:

Because of the turmoil of the past year, we are forced to update the qualification requirements for 2021.

We had many trials cancelled through our qualifying year, and we are still seeing trials getting cancelled even now, although it has slowed down by a large amount.

For the Pre-Elite and Elite Divisions, we are going to a open invite system.   What this means is that if you want to attend Championships this year, you can!

Now of course there is also a caveat, we are limiting entries to 225 dogs per level.  So, 225 Dogs in Elite and 225 Dogs in Pre-Elite.

The other caveat is that if you reached the normal entry qualifications, you are guaranteed your spot in the event.   If you did NOT meet the entry qualifications, you could be bumped out by someone who did, assuming we reach our entry limit.

And lastly If we reach our entry limit then dogs with a higher level of qualification will take entry priority over dogs with a lower qualification.    E.g. a dog with 100 points in Elite Regular would take entry priority over a dog with 50 points.   Dogs who reached their entry qualifications are still guaranteed entry, this is only for the dogs who did NOT meet the entry qualifications.

Pre-Elite is highly unlikely to reach this limit based of previous years entries, but Elite could reach this number based off previous years.

The reason for this change is that while some individuals have been able to go to trials in their area, that is not true for the entire country.  Some areas have not had a trial in 12+ months, and some people don’t have the option to set up VT’s.

We believe Championships is a competition of who is the best dog that showed up that week, and we do not feel that limiting entries via qualification guidelines is going to show that this year, since so many dogs would not be there because of circumstances out of their control.

Some other rules:

  • If you have entered Championships before at the Elite level, you must enter Elite this year.
  • If you have surpassed the lifetime points limit that excludes you from Pre-Elite, you must enter Elite.
  • You must be competing at a minimum of the Novice level in Regular and Chances to enter Pre-Elite. Intro will not be allowed.



For the Stakes Divisions

Starter Stakes: Dogs must have 150 points in their lifetime in Elite Chances, and a bonus or distance challenge of any value. You may also enter if the dog has attended Starter Stakes in a previous year.

Silver Stakes:  Dogs must have 250 points in their lifetime in Elite Chances, and two bonus or distance challenges of any value.  You may also enter if the dog has attended Silver Stakes in a previous year.

Super Stakes: Dogs who have their Purple MODSQUAD may enter. You may also enter if the dog has attended Super Stakes in a previous year.

If you had already qualified for stakes using the original qualifications then you must still enter at your qualified level, disregarding the above.

We also understand that there are a lot of people new to the bonus program within the last year who have not been able to submit Bonuses because of the lack of trials.   For these people we are also allowing a ‘tryout’ video.  What this means is that we will send you a course map, you would need to find a place to build the course and record yourself running it.   If you can complete the course with a level of proficiency that shows you have the required skills, then you will be invited to the Starter Stakes division, disregarding the above qualification requirements.     The course will be 18-20 obstacles long, consisting of all the current NADAC equipment, and will be reversed, so you will only need to set one course, but you will need to run it twice.

For the purpose of determining who has the required original qualifications the qualifying period is from August 1st of 2019 to August 1st of 2021.   To account for the loss of trials in 2020.


March 16th: Junior Handlers

It was brought to our attention that Junior handlers got a pretty rough deal with championships being cancelled in 2020 and they are now 18 and can’t compete this year as a Junior Handler.

Amanda and I both competed for the majority of our careers as Junior Handlers, and we both agreed that the last year at Champs as a Junior was always a special one.

So because of this and since it only seems right we’re going to extend the Junior Handlers who lost their 2020 year to still compete in 2021 at Championships as a Junior Handler.

So if you’re 18 and want to compete as a junior this year be sure to fill out your entry form accordingly

July 1st:

Because of the typically lower numbers of Junior Handler entries that we receive each year we are making an exception to the Team rules in regards to how a team can be formed when a Junior Handler is involved.

When a Team wishes to be formed and the 3 team members are entered in different divisions, such as 2 members in Elite, and 1 member in Pre-Elite, we will allow that team to be formed.     Wherever the majority of the team is entered is the division the team will be labeled as.   An example would be if two members are in the Elite Division, and one member is in the Pre-Elite division, that would be considered a Elite level team for the purpose of which other teams they will be competing against.

July 25th:

Teams may now be formed across any division, Pre-Elite or Elite.    Two thirds of the team will be the determining factor for where the team gets scored.   If two team members are in the Elite-Std group, and one team member is Elite Veteran, the team would be scored as an Elite Standard team.




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Refund Info
Refund Info

All refund requests before August 15th will receive 100% back.

Between August 16th and September 15th you will receive 50%.

After September 16th there will be no refunds given.

Any amount not refunded can be used at any future NADAC Hosted Events

COVID Measures and Guidelines, UPDATED August 23rd

UPDATE August 19th, 2021

“We have been discussing the current COVID situation heavily this past week. And after reviewing the current case numbers and hospitalization rates overall across the country we have decided that we need to make an update to our COVID policy for Championships this year.

We are going to be requiring that anyone planning on attending Championships this year must be fully vaccinated in order to attend.
Mask requirements will be based on the current risk level, as it is right now, masks will be required for everyone. 
This decision was not made lightly. And we truly did not want to have to go down this road.
But the current hospitalization rates among non vaccinated individuals is such an alarming number that we truly can not ignore it.
It is part of our job to keep everyone as safe as we can, and we feel that this is the step we have to take in order to accomplish that.
For the purpose of clarity, fully vaccinated will mean that you must be 14 days past your final dose if you got a two shot vaccine, or 14 days past your original dose if you got a single shot vaccine.
We understand that this is a polarizing issue, and we understand that we will lose some competitors in this years event because of this change. We are very disheartened by the situation, but we have to do what we feel is best.
If you will not be attending because you are not fully vaccinated we will be doing a 100% refund of any payments you have made.
Sincerely, The NADAC Staff”

We would also like to help educate anyone who may have concerns in regard to HIPAA violations or ADA violations and what we are requiring.

For ADA violations our requirement for un-vaccinated individuals would fall under the direct threat clause which allows a business to deny service if that person poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others.

More info can be found directly from the ADA website here:

For HIPAA violation concerns.   We are not a medical company, and do not share medical information with any other companies who would fall under HIPAA rules.    We also will not be photo copying your vaccine card at the event or keeping any record of it in our online systems.   It will be a simple checklist, and if your name is checked off, then you’re able to go without a mask.    For more info on HIPAA rules and who they apply to you can go here:

UPDATE August 23rd

Follow up info regarding vaccine requirement for 2021 Championships.


  • If I have a medical exemption or am a Junior Handler under 12, can I still come, with no vaccination if I take a PCR test?


Unfortunately, we do not believe there is an option that makes this a viable method.

We tried extremely hard to come up with an option that would allow medical exemptions or under 12-year-old Junior Handlers who are not vaccinated to attend using a combination of a PCR test and antigen tests during the week.

But there is a large issue with the viral load that Delta produces, as well as the decreased amount of time from exposure to its ability to spread.

There is also no consistent agreement that a rapid antigen test will catch a person soon enough before they are capable of community spread.

So, the scenario that would be a problem is something along these lines.

A competitor takes a PCR test on Tuesday before the event, negative result.

They travel to the event and get exposed to COVID on Wednesday evening.

They take a Rapid Antigen test on Thursday morning, which also shows negative, but they are just in the early stages of exposure and are actively spreading the virus.

It’s then possible that the antigen test would not show a positive result until Friday or even Saturday.  At which point the competitor has been at the event for three days already, spreading the virus to others.

This is also only assuming someone entering the Main event, add in the Pre-Trial and the risk goes up even higher with a longer amount of time spent around competitors.

The sad fact is that a Rapid Antigen test will only confirm that you have the virus.  It does not currently catch it soon enough to prevent community spread when you are in the a-symptomatic stage of the virus’ spread.   This seems to be the most consistent information that we were able to gather.

We have investigated a lot of options to allow a reasonable accommodation for the folks who simply can not get the vaccine currently.   But every accommodation we have come up with, still increases the risk to others at the event.   Under ADA rules any accommodation that poses a public health risk, does not need to be enforced.   And we cannot come up with a solution that doesn’t pose a health risk to most of our competitors.

So, we are very sad to say that we cannot allow medical exemptions for this event if you are not vaccinated.   This is NOT what we want to do by any means.   It only hurts our event in doing this.  But we have no other choice given the current options for testing.





Camping Update, Water issue Update

Hey Everyone,

Unfortunately the facility has informed us that, due to an unfound underground water leak, the array of water hydrants we had access to in

2019 are not available. They have 2 water fill stations set up so you can fill your campers and I should be getting a map of those this week.

I will post that map on the NADAC FORUM when I receive it. I completely understand this will be an inconvenience for some but if it helps, they do have nice bathrooms WITH SHOWERS right in the front of the building that will be accessible all the time.



We will have a company out to pump sewer tanks on Thursday and Friday.

It is $25 cash per dump. You can pick either day or both days if you think you need it. You will need to see me at the event to arrange and I will exchange $$ for a little colored flag that will tell them you need to be dumped. There is also 2 sewer dump stations on site.



If you are thinking you may want a golf cart, please let me know. This year they will be rented through us and the cost is $450 for the week with a $100 up front deposit. Its the best price I could get after our original supplier cancelled on us. I only have 16 available (2 seaters) and I need to get them a number next week so PLEASE let me know ASAP. If you have already emailed me in the last couple of weeks, no worries, I have you marked down. 🙂



When you show up, you should run into Me or possibly Jeannie Biggers and we will let you know the lay of the land. Yes it is basically a free-for-all on parking but we want to keep it somewhat organized and also point you in the direction of your group, if you have one.  I will be cruising around all week if you need something.



Fell free to email me with any questions at Also, make sure to keep an eye on the forum!! That is my quickest and easiest way to get info to everyone. 🙂


Thanks and see everyone in a few weeks!



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