NADAC Championships

Participate in a GLOBAL event!

The 2022 NADAC Championships

September 22 – 25 In Gillette, Wyoming

Location: Cam Plex Event Center

1635 Reata Drive, Gillette, Wyoming

(Pre-Trial September 20th & 21st)

Entry form release Dates:

Main Event Entry: March 1st

RV Reservations: March 8th

Pre-Trial Entry: March 8th

Vendor Reservations: March 15th

Sponsor Bars: March 21st

Event Sponsors: March 28th

Announcer Questionnaire: August 1st

Team Entry: August 15th

Crating Reservations: August 15th

Worker Sign up: September 1st.



Info Sheet for Entry Qualifications and other info

2022 Info Sheet Click HERE

Past Championships Info

The 2021 NADAC Championships

October 5 – 10 In Springfield, Ohio

Location: Champions Center

4122 Laybourne Rd, Springfield, OH 45505

(Pre-Trial October 5th & 6th)

Results Info

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Overall Scores has the overall results

Team has the team results

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Distance Cup Winners: Click Here

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Pre Trial Results Click HERE

Standard Course Times for Champs Courses

Pre-Elite Courses: Click HERE

Elite Courses: Click HERE

Main Event Course Maps

Thursday Round 1 Elite Map: Click HERE

Thursday Pre-Elite 1 Map: Click HERE

Thursday Elite 2 Map: Click HERE

Thursday Pre-Elite 2 Map: CLICK Here

Friday Elite 3 Map: Click HERE

Friday Pre-Elite 3 Map: CLICK Here

Friday Elite 4 Map: Click HERE

Friday Pre-Elite 4 Map: Click HERE

Saturday Elite 5 Map: Click HERE

Saturday Pre-Elite 5 Map: CLICK Here

Saturday Elite AND Pre-Elite 6 Map: CLICK Here

Team Map: Click Here

Sunday Challengers Map: Click Here

Sunday Finals Map: Click Here