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The North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) is a dog agility venue with the main goal of giving every competitor what they desire to achieve from this sport that so many of us spend our weekends competing in.  Whether you enjoy being highly competitive, or just come to trials to meet with your friends and relax. We are striving to give you the absolute best experience from both sides of the page.

In the coming years we plan on releasing a multitude of programs allowing each person to focus on what gives them the most enjoyable experience with the time they spend with us. So stay tuned and happy trialing!


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2019 Top Ten Preliminary lists

Hi All,

We’ve gotten the preliminary posting done for the 2019 Top Ten lists, including breed.

Please look them over, and if you see any errors let us know!

We’ll be making these lists final on January 20th, so anything that needs to be updated should be sent to us before then.

I HIGHLY encourage you to use the search button!    Since these are the preliminary listings it goes all the way down with a LOT of dogs listed.  Where as the final listing will only go to 10th place.   So if you decide to just scroll, you’ll be scrolling for awhile :)


~NOTE~ We are also aware of the code that is popping up at the top of the page and we’re working to correct it :)

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The Latest News from NADAC:

Gamblers Update, December 27th, 2019

Effective January 1st, 2019: The gamble will be considered attempted when the first obstacle is taken, in the correct direction of the gamble. This is a change from the current rule, which is that the first two obstacles must be taken in sequence.

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New Trial and Judging options for clubs

Some new options for clubs when hiring judges, run limits, and class choices We have a few new options that we're allowing clubs to use when hiring judges.1) Clubs now have the option of listing a 'overflow' judge in their premium.    This...

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2020 NADAC Championship Hotel Information

2020 NADAC Championship Hotel Information

NADAC 2020 Championships Cam-Plex Event Center Gillette, WY September 22-27 We currently have three hotels who have agreed to work with us during our 2020 Championships. The first hotel we have a contract with will be the Arbuckle Lodge, the second is the Ramada. and...

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Price Increases for January of 2020

Price Increases for January of 2020

It was recently announced that starting in January of 2020 NADAC would be increasing it's fees to clubs to $1.50 per run.    We would also be increasing the fee to judges to $1.50 per run.      There are a few reasons for these increases and we want to address them...

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January 2019 Announcement Video

January 2019 Announcement Video

  Highlights from Video: June 2019: Tugging allowed at all levels Toys allowed at Intro and Novice for training runs only Varying run limits dependent on number of total rounds offered Mandatory refund for BIS Auxiliary judges to help give breaks to main judges,...

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What People are saying about NADAC:

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for all you do! Ginger and I had a fantastic time at the trials this last weekend. We earned two new titles and had several qualifying runs.

For me, NADAC has been a confidence booster, a life changer. I struggled with social anxiety for years. NADAC has helped me overcome my fears and has led me to do things I never thought were possible. I can honestly say my life has changed because of NADAC, and all with my best friend by my side.

Courtney T

Hello, NADAC – I have been away from your venue for years, but I must tell you that I was SO pleasantly surprised by the excellence we experienced last weekend!

The Dogs O Q trial at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, Lawrence Kansas – September 13, 14, 15 was well organized, well run, had excellent rubberized contact equipment, and the Secretary and all of the Event Committee were very courteous and responsive. I had no problem at all finding out about particular regulations, new Gambler class rules, etc. Everyone was extremely helpful.

As the handler of a young dog, I also appreciated their treatment of ring dividers and management of air flow with the large open doors that had screened panels covering them to prevent inadvertent dog escapes.

I can’t say how impressed I was by everything DOQ arranged, from the choice of judge to the trial management to the surface grooming to the hospitality, they had it all – in spades!

I highly recommend this club’s trials, and have encouraged my agility buddies to take another look at NADAC, now with DOQ, in the Kansas City area.

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