COVID19 Updates

We’ll be updating this area as new info is released in regards to NADAC Trials.

March 30th: Currently all NADAC Trials are cancelled through the first two weekends of April.   Another update will be posted on April 1st in regards to further cancellations.

April 1st:  All Trials for April are being cancelled.   This decision is being made based off the nationwide stay at home recommendation, and because of the increasing number of cases.

July 1st: 2020 Championships have been cancelled.


VT Regulations being lifted

Given the current issues affecting our community we have decided to lift certain restrictions in regards to VT Runs, all of these changes are effective immediately:

1) The limits on number of VT runs that can be submitted is lifted

2) The limit on courses posted each month will be increased (Please give us a couple of days to get more courses posted)

3) Double run submissions will be allowed (This means you can run a class like jumpers twice, like you would in a trial, and earn a Q for each time)

4) Slatted contacts will be allowed for video submissions

5) Winged jumps can be substituted for wing-less jumps

VT Points do count towards Championships requirements.

At this time we are not allowing Bonus Submissions via VT runs.   But we will be discussing the qualification requirements for Championships this year given the circumstances of this years qualifying period.



Welcome to NADAC

The North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) is a dog agility venue with the main goal of giving every competitor what they desire to achieve from this sport that so many of us spend our weekends competing in.  Whether you enjoy being highly competitive, or just come to trials to meet with your friends and relax. We are striving to give you the absolute best experience from both sides of the page.

In the coming years we plan on releasing a multitude of programs allowing each person to focus on what gives them the most enjoyable experience with the time they spend with us. So stay tuned and happy trialing!


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Titles & Awards

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2019 Top Ten Preliminary lists

Hi All,

We’ve gotten the preliminary posting done for the 2019 Top Ten lists, including breed.

Please look them over, and if you see any errors let us know!

We’ll be making these lists final on January 20th, so anything that needs to be updated should be sent to us before then.

I HIGHLY encourage you to use the search button!    Since these are the preliminary listings it goes all the way down with a LOT of dogs listed.  Where as the final listing will only go to 10th place.   So if you decide to just scroll, you’ll be scrolling for awhile :)

~NOTE~ We are also aware of the code that is popping up at the top of the page and we’re working to correct it :)

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The Latest News from NADAC:

Honorary Championship Awards

Given the circumstances of this year we have an announcement for dogs who are no longer competing, have retired or have passed. If you were close to getting a NATCH, V-NATCH or AA-NATCH when trials were shutdown, and during the period of the quarantine your dog was...

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COVID19 Guidelines

Following are the guidelines NADAC is listing for any and all trials going forward.    Some of these are things we'll be doing in the office, followed by mandatory guidelines, and then finally suggested guidelines What we'll be doing in the office and allowing at all...

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2020 Championships Qualifications

2020 Championships Qualifications

Hello Everyone, We’re getting to the point where it seems much clearer what the impact is going to be from cancelled trials.   At this point we’ve lost 6 weekends of competitions.     I’m keeping hopeful that some form of trials might be able to be held again by mid...

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Dog Agility’s Impact on the US Economy

NADAC recently sent out a survey in regards to certain expenses that agility handlers have, on average. This survey was meant to be used to get a baseline of the possible economic impact that agility has on the US economy. Full disclosure in that we did this because...

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Gamblers Update, December 27th, 2019

Effective January 1st, 2019: The gamble will be considered attempted when the first obstacle is taken, in the correct direction of the gamble. This is a change from the current rule, which is that the first two obstacles must be taken in sequence.

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New Trial and Judging options for clubs

Some new options for clubs when hiring judges, run limits, and class choices We have a few new options that we're allowing clubs to use when hiring judges.1) Clubs now have the option of listing a 'overflow' judge in their premium.    This...

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What People are saying about NADAC:

I am writing to give some well earned positive feedback about an agility trial I recently attended. My dog and I competed at the Tails Up Agility Trial held at the Family Dog Club in Chesapeake, VA. This was our first ever trial and our first contact with your organization, and we had a blast! Not only were the people friendly and helpful for all of the newbies to NADAC, but the event was incredibly organized and ran very smoothly. Our judge, Jeff Riedl, was also wonderfully encouraging, and instructive with the competitors, and definitely made the whole experience a great one. I also just need to thank your group for being one of the only ones that I have found that openly allow canine amputees to compete. My agility partner is an amazing tripaw who has done local fun agility with our trainer here, but never dreamed we could do any recognized trails. My friend, who competes mainly in AKC, discovered your organization and guided me to the website. We were very excited to find out that we could finally try out our skills outside our comfort zone, and it was a blast. Not only did we have fun, but he got two Q’s and several Blue and red ribbons to boot. So, all in all, I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our first experience with NADAC and say thank you!

Wendy from Virginia

I wanted to take a moment and let you know how I felt about my experience this past weekend at the Dogs on Q agility trial.
I had never previously seen a NADAC trial. A friend recommended that I try it with my Norwegian Elkhound as she has been struggling in other venues. So I registered my dog. Even though I had read all the rules, I was still a bit confused on which classes I should try. So I sent emails with questions and got wonderfully helpful replies.
And Wow! What a GREAT time we had. The atmosphere was much more laid back than I was used to. Which was just what we needed. But laid back in no way means unorganized. The trial was SO well run. So very efficient, but not rushed. So many club members building courses, so the next round could start quickly. Everyone jumping in to help. One member even offered to take me around and show me things, if I had questions. Talk about being blown away for my first NADAC experience!

I will definitely attend more trials put on by this club. Just fantastic!!

Oh and after our last run of the day, so many people came up and told me what a beautiful run we had in Hoopers. So welcoming and so nice!!!
Thank you,

Renee S from Kansas

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