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The North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) is a dog agility venue with the main goal of giving every competitor what they desire to achieve from this sport that so many of us spend our weekends competing in.  Whether you enjoy being highly competitive, or just come to trials to meet with your friends and relax. We are striving to give you the absolute best experience from both sides of the page.

In the coming years we plan on releasing a multitude of programs allowing each person to focus on what gives them the most enjoyable experience with the time they spend with us. So stay tuned and happy trialing!


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The Latest News from NADAC:

January 2019 Announcement Video

https://youtu.be/X7qH6F_V7g4 Highlights from Video:June 2019:Tugging allowed at all levelsToys allowed at Intro and Novice for training runs onlyVarying run limits dependent on number of total rounds offeredMandatory refund for BISAuxiliary judges to help...

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January 2019 NADAC Voting

Each year we open up certain decisions in NADAC up to the public.   It's that time of the year again, so let your voice be heard! The three things up for voting and then consideration are: 1) Announcers at Championships 2) Extra points for Regional winners coming to...

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2019 Championships Hotel Information

NADAC 2019 Championships Champion Center Springfield, Ohio October 8-13 We have two hotels who have agreed to work with us during our 2019 Championships, most of the hotels around the area are not pet friendly. There is one other option besides the two hotels to book...

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NADAC Regional FAQ

What is a Regional?NADAC Regionals are a chance for everyone to get a small taste of what NADAC Championships are like.   While also giving them the opportunity to extend their experience at Championships.It's run in conjunction with a clubs trial.  ...

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Training in the Ring – Rule Update

As of January 1st, 2019: Once a dog has been Eliminated the dog and handler team will be allowed to continue training in the ring up to a maximum of 60 seconds. This includes the time the team has already spent in the ring leading up to the...

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Ring Gate – Rule Update

As of January 1st, 2019: Ring gates may now be closed and a qualifying run may still be earned. This is a club level decision on whether they will have ring fencing that accommodates this option. Most clubs will continue to have open fencing where this is not an...

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