Permanent Height Card Requirements and Updates 

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20” Dogs 

Clarification and update – All dogs are required to be measured. If your dog is over 18″ it can be measured visually by the judge.  

If you will be attending NADAC Championships and your dog is over 18”, you will need to be measured at Championships to be placed in either the Large or X-Large division.

Dogs who are 22”+  will be measured into the X-Large division, and dogs who are 22” and under, but over 18” will be measured into the Large division. 

The Large and X-Large measurement requirement is only required for dogs attending NADAC Championships. Once you have been measured at Championships for either Large or X-Large, it will be marked in your file, and you will not be required to be measured again at Championships. 


Height card fees are waived until June 1st 2025 

Measurements at Trials

Any current NADAC Judge can measure your dog at any NADAC trial. 

You can get multiple measurements at 1 trial if there are multiple NADAC Judges in attendance.

Only 2 measurements will be required unless your dog qualified as “way under” by the measuring Judge.

At Home Measurements 

Dogs who are clearly under their height measurement, and have issues with judges in their “space” for measurements, may be measured at home. Any dogs very near a wicket height, will not be eligible for at home measuring. 

The measurement process must be done by a video (uploaded to YouTube)

The video must clearly show the dog standing on level, solid ground with the wicket clearly shown on the ground, and space between the wicket and the dogs withers. 

If the dog has a lot of fur, the owner (or a friend) can show their fingers or hand between the wicket and withers by pushing down on the fur. 

NADAC reserves the right to deny measurements done via video if they do not clearly show the wicket and dog, as well as space between the withers and the wicket. 

Submitting a video for at home measurement does not guarantee a height card will be approved.