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TO REGISTER YOUR DOG ONLINE: Please complete this form and press the “submit” button. Items marked with an * must be entered. You will receive a confirmation page with your new registration number, and you will have 30 days to send payment to NADAC at the address below. If the funds are not received within 30 days the number will be canceled.

Registration cost: If you are a current NADAC Associate the registration cost is $20 per dog. You do not need to be an associate to register and run your dog in NADAC. The cost for non-Associates is $25 per dog.


Junior Handlers: If you are a Junior Handler your dog registration is free.  Simply fill out the form and submit as normal, but do NOT proceed to the payment portal.    Once you’ve submitted your registration please send an email to with your registration number and we will mark it as paid

Dog Registration

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Enter your Associate Member ID to receive a discounted Regsitration Fee

Need some help?

You can find your associate number and expiration if you’ve been a member in the past by clicking here:

Associate Lookup Page

Already registered but need to pay?

If you’ve already registered your dog and would now like to pay for your registration you can do so here:

Dog Registration Payment


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