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2023 Club Updates

Club Update - 5/15/2023

NADAC Club Updates and Reminders – May 15th 2023

Some reminders and updates for all NADAC Clubs/Groups.

1. Trial results MUST be submitted via the online form on the NADAC website. Emailed results will NOT be accepted as of this email. The link to submit your show report and the results (the results are the Excel or CSV file) is here:

2. Trial results MUST be submitted within five (5) days of the trial. Clubs will incur a late fee of $25 per day after that 5 day period.

3. Trial applications MUST be submitted via the online form, we do NOT accept mailed in applications.

4. All premiums must be submitted to the NADAC office in PDF format. This has been required for the past 2 years, but as of this email premiums not sent in this format will be returned.

5. Trial Secretaries (or a trial official) MUST be a member of the NADAC Community and the Trial Officials group that is a part of that community.

6. When hiring a judge, please submit to them your equipment list. This will ensure that they design or purchase courses that use the correct number of equipment that is available to them. This is a REQUIRED step once you have hired your judge.

7. Please be sure to use the club resources tab on the NADAC website. There you will find links for submitting trial results, trial application submission form, and more.


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