Banned Dogs

Registration Call Name Owner Details Status
10-01021JinksSarah FixPermanently Banned from competing. When on trials sites Jinx must be muzzled when outside RV, and kept on leash at all timesBanned
12-05145NadiKat & Rob GambellPermanently Banned from competing.Banned
08-09041FrostCheryl CarterPermanently Banned from competingBanned
06-10230SkinnerYoriko KozukiPermanently Banned from competing.Banned
10-01335TrekSusan RobertsPermanently Banned from competing.Banned
08-04324MagicStefan ElvstadPermanently Banned from competingBanned
18-02171LamiraTemporarily Banned until October 1st, 2018Banned
09-10406JosieCheryl RichardsPermanently Banned from competingBanned


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Bend, Oregon


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