Exhibitor Updates

January 2024 Updates


Update Summary and Time Stamps

2025 Championships –  Video Time Stamp – 0:24 

-NADAC Championships will be held in Gillette, WY Sept 9th-14th 2025

-After multiple issues with security at the Champions Center in OH, as well as issues with the quality of the local hotels, and concerns about the area, it was decided to not return to the Champions Center for the foreseeable future.

-The office is looking for a future east facility, but none that met our requirements were available for 2025, therefore we choose to keep the 2025 Championships in Gillette as we continue looking for an appropriate facility that meets all of our requirements.

Permanent Height Cards – Video Time Stamp – 2:12 

-Effective Jan 1st 2025
All dogs will be required to have a permanent height card on file -This includes both Skilled and Proficient

-Dogs who are “way” under may send in the form with only one judge signature marking that they are way under.

-A picture of the height card form can be taken and emailed to support@nadac.com once it has been filled out and signed.

-Height cards from other venues are accepted. A picture of the height card from another venue can be emailed to the NADAC office at support@nadac.com

-The Permanent Height card form can be found at this link: https://www.nadac.com/WPsite/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Permanent-Height-Card-form-6.4.21.pdf

-Further details will be published in early 2024

Gamblers –  Video Time Stamp – 4:37

Effective June 1st 2024 

-There will be a max course time of 20 seconds over your standard course for the height you are competing at.

– For example, if you enter your 20″ dog as a Skilled Vet, this puts you jumping in the 12″ jump height, so your standard course time (SCT) is 42 seconds.

20″ SCT = 34 seconds – Max course time = 54 seconds 

16″ SCT = 38 seconds – Max course time = 58 seconds 

12″ SCT = 42 seconds – Max course time = 62 seconds 

8″ SCT = 46 seconds – Max course time = 66 seconds 

4″ SCT =  50 seconds – Max course time = 70 seconds 

-Timers will start the time once the dog passes the plane of the first obstacle. When the dog has gone through the first obstacle they will start earning points for their run.