Judge Information Center

Welcome Judges, this is where you will find all things related to judging for NADAC including recent announcements and guidelines, course design & course building info, along with rule change announcements and clarifications. It’s “The Archive” where you can easily refer back to things in one handy place!

2020 Championships Qualifications

Hello Everyone, We’re getting to the point where it seems much clearer what the impact is going to be from cancelled trials.   At this point we’ve lost 6 weekends of competitions.     I’m keeping hopeful that some form of trials might be able to be held again by mid...

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January 2019 NADAC Voting

Each year we open up certain decisions in NADAC up to the public.   It's that time of the year again, so let your voice be heard! The three things up for voting and then consideration are: 1) Announcers at Championships 2) Extra points for Regional winners coming to...

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2019 Championships Hotel Information

NADAC 2019 Championships Champion Center Springfield, Ohio October 8-13 We currently have one hotel who have agreed to work with us during our 2019 Championships, most of the hotels around the area are not pet friendly. We will be reaching out to more hotels in the...

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NADAC Regional FAQ

What is a Regional?NADAC Regionals are a chance for everyone to get a small taste of what NADAC Championships are like.   While also giving them the opportunity to extend their experience at Championships.It's run in conjunction with a clubs trial.  ...

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