Hi Everyone,
Are you gearing up for this year’s raffle?? Saving up your money?? Printing your name labels? This year’s raffle is going to be the best ever! For those first time Champs people, the raffle consists of state baskets donated by a club, person or group representing their state or country. The “basket” can be any size or style of container you wish to bring. In the past, I have seen coolers, dog tents, crates, dog pools, chairs, buckets and many more original containers stuffed with items from their state or country. Your imagination has no limits!!
Most groups will share in bringing the items for their ‘basket’. Many items in the baskets represent things that come from your state or country and are unique to that area. But not all baskets are area specific. Some baskets are theme related. And purple items seem to be very popular!
In the past, we have seen some amazing gigantic baskets from different states or groups. This year we would like to spread more of the joy, so we would like the groups to think about splitting up some of their basket into multiple raffle items. Like for example, one major basket with other smaller baskets/items that can be raffled separately, or even 2-3 evenly dispersed baskets. This way we get more winners!
Raffle tickets will be priced as follows.
$1 … 1 ticket
$5 … 7 tickets
$10 … 15 tickets
$20 … 35 tickets
$50 … 100 tickets
So save up your money!!!

The Bruce Vincent Early Bird special sales will be from 9am -5pm on Weds only.
The special is $100 for 300 tickets!
The raffle area will be near the crating area and near the vendors and the Ribbon wall. We will open the raffle area tables for set up as soon as we have the tables organized and covered. Probably not til Tuesday. Each group/person is responsible for setting up their own basket area.
Manning the raffle table for 5 days is a huge undertaking, especially on Weds during the Early Bird Special. If you have any free time and wish to help out please let me know. You can earn free raffle tickets for helping out.
If you have any questions feel free to email me at marj@gotdogllc.com See you all at Champs!