Hi All, Some info for Pre Trial:

1) We will NOT be doing a briefing in the morning.     Everything you need to know will be in this email.

2) First walk throughs will be at 6:30 AM.   We know this is early, believe me, we don’t wanna be up this early either.  But we’ve got 1000 runs on Tuesday, and 1200 runs on Wednesday to get through.

3) The Touch n Go ring is a non priority ring.   Meaning you can run that ring anytime you’re able to make it throughout the entire day.     

4) The Touch n Go ring will have a 5 minute walkthrough every hour.     So at 8AM, 9AM,10AM etc etc there will be a 5 minute walk through.

5) When you run in the Touch n Go ring it would make it WAY easier if you let the people working that ring your run id number, that way they can find you easily.   That info is in the run order app.

6) The Pre Trial app is up on the NADAC website on the Champs page.    There is NOT going to be any printed run orders.    Too many changes happen and we don’t like killing that many trees.   So digital is really the way to go for these events.   Refreshing is your friend if you’ve been told it was updated but it doesn’t look right on your device.   We will also have a computer set up in the crating area with the pre trial app loaded on it for anyone who needs it.

7) All the normal trial briefing info applies, be nice to your dogs, be nice to yourselves, and try to have some fun.

8) The priority rings will be a walk/run format with the 4 and 8 inch dogs, and the 12, 16 and 20 inch dogs. It is currently set up as Elite-Elite, Open-Open, Novice-Novice for the run orders.     We won’t have a walk through between rounds. So what that means is the 4 and 8 inch dogs will walk the priority ring course, then run that course.  Then the 12,16 and 20 inch dogs will walk that same course, and run that course and that will conclude round 1.   Then Round 2 will start right away with the 4 and 8 inch dogs, and then the 12,16 and 20 inch dogs, with no walk through for the round 2 as it’s a double run format.             Obviously if anyone misses their walkthrough, we will find a way to work that in so that everyone gets a chance to run.

9)  If you miss your run in the priority ring, your run will get moved to the very end of that round and you can come back and run it then.   So do not stress if something happens and you can’t make it, you’ll still have a chance at the end.

10) Please check for any run conflicts in the priority rings, as we really need those to run as smoothly as possible.    Conflicts in the Touch n Go ring do not matter, as that can be run in any order, and any level.

11) Just for extra clarity, Chances and Gamblers are the priority rings.