NADAC Regional

The 2017 NADAC Regional

(Reno,Nevada. Oct 5th - Oct 8th)

The NADAC Regional is a event that takes place on the opposite side of the country after the NADAC Championships. It is a both a Qualifying event for the following years Championship event (2018) and a gathering of agility enthusiasts looking to challenge themselves on a higher caliber of courses and with the top competitors who choose to come.

The winners of each division in the Regional will get a automatic invite to the 2018 Championships. Meaning they will bypass the qualification requirements for 2018 and they will also have earned a spot into the finals round of Championships for their division.

awards from NADAC Championship


Qualification requirements can be found in the premium below


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Future NADAC Regionals

The 2018 NADAC Regional

(East Coast Location will be announced after the 2017 Championships)