Following are the guidelines NADAC is listing for any and all trials going forward.    Some of these are things we’ll be doing in the office, followed by mandatory guidelines, and then finally suggested guidelines

What we’ll be doing in the office and allowing at all trials moving forward:

  1. We’ll try to limit courses used to ones where the judge can be a decent distance away from the handlers running
  2. Try to limit courses to ones with minimal amount of equipment moving, also nesting other classes as best we can.
  3. Handlers will be allowed to carry their leash on course with them, and this will be highly recommended for all handlers to do.
  4. Clubs are required to adhere to all local, state and federal guidelines in regards to number of participants allowed, and social distancing practices.

Mandatory guidelines that must be followed:

  1. Hand sanitizer availability at all workstations.   NADAC will be working on possibly buying some of this in bulk to ensure that our clubs have access to it.
  2. Anyone working should be given a pen, and that should be their pen and not given back or given to any other competitor through the weekend
  3. Results sheets should be posted digitally, if digital posting is not an option then results should be taped to a wall. Social Distancing should be maintained when checking results.
  4.  Digital briefings via email.   If a morning briefing must happen it should occur over a loudspeaker with everyone keeping their social distance intact.
  5. Everyone on the trial grounds must sign the Assumption of Risk Waiver
  6. Hospitality must be limited to take and go, sealed foods.  Buffet style will not be allowed unless there is a designated worker handing out food who can follow all recommended guidelines for food and COVID19 safety protocols.
  7. Courses must be posted on a wall, not a binder.


Suggested guidelines:

  1. Wear masks when at all possible
  2.  Outdoor trials would be preferred
  3. Hand washing stations highly advised
  4. There should be designated workers for as long of periods as possible.   If someone is able to Gate the entire Elite and Open class, that would be preferred over having workers switching out like normal.
  5. When possible workers should ‘double up’ on jobs.  Such as Scribing and Timing
  6. Because of the lack of proper knowledge on how to properly use gloves their use should be discouraged, and hand washing and sanitizer use encouraged
  7. Establish a set direction of travel in the arena.   Preventing as much cross traffic as realistically possible
  8. Staggering walk throughs is highly recommended.    Another option is to have a ‘train’ of people walking while keeping a 6’ distance from each other.  When you reach the end of the course you can return, in line, to the start line and walk again, in line.   This will still cause some bottlenecks in areas of the course where it overlaps with someone else walking, but could be a more effective way of walking while keeping your distance
  9. Limiting walk throughs to 10 people is another effective method.  Encouraging people to leave the course as soon as possible so other handlers may filter in
  10. Use local judges when possible.  NADAC is relaxing all rules in regards to how much, and where judges can go to make this easier for clubs


We will be updating this list as needed.