Given the circumstances of this year we have an announcement for dogs who are no longer competing, have retired or have passed.

If you were close to getting a NATCH, V-NATCH or AA-NATCH when trials were shutdown, and during the period of the quarantine your dog was retired, or passed away, you can write to the NADAC office requesting a honorary NATCH request for that dog.

Each request will be evaluated individually based on the number of trials you normally attend, and your Q rate at those trials as to whether it’s feasible that your dog would have received a NATCH had the COVID19 outbreak not occurred.

Requests can be sent to

This should only be for dogs that were feasibly close to earning a NATCH, but did not because of COVID19.     If your dog passed away in March, then this would not really be related to COVID19 for why you couldn’t earn that award.