NADAC Regional FAQ

by Jan 1, 2019Announcements, News

What is a Regional?

NADAC Regionals are a chance for everyone to get a small taste of what NADAC Championships are like.   While also giving them the opportunity to extend their experience at Championships.

It’s run in conjunction with a clubs trial.   Normal scoring takes place like any other weekend, but those scores are also being imported into a secondary program which scores you as it would happen at NADAC Championships.

Do I have to qualify?

No qualifications are needed.    Depending on what division you want to compete in you’ll need to be at either the Open or Elite level.   Elite corresponds to the Elite Division and Open corresponds to the Pre-Elite division.

If you want to participate but your dog isn’t at the Open level yet you may move up for this weekend so that you can compete in the Regional.

Are there bonus points?

There are lines on the ground for both Elite and Open, if you can run the designated section of the course from behind this line you will get bonus points added to your regional score.  This has no impact on your Q or your Q Points.

What classes are counted?

Regular is the only class that counts for the Regional scoring.   Rounds 1 & 2 on Saturday, and Rounds 3 & 4 on Sunday

Is there any other special events?

If the club wants to hold a team style event they can.   This is purely a club level decision, and is recommended this takes place on Saturday

Are there extra costs?

Absolutely not!  The normal cost of entry is all it takes.

What do I win?

For 2019 there will be award plates for 1st through 3rd in each division.    The winner of each division also receives a ‘bye’ into the finals round of the NADAC Championships for that year.   This guarantees them a few special items that are only available to finalists of the Championships event.   Shirts, pins and the privilege of being able to run in the final round, when normally it would be cut down to the top 33% of competitors.

What divisions are there?

The Regionals are only split between Standard and Veterans.   And then by height, there are Mini, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large height divisions.    Byes will be given for each division, regardless of entry size in that division.





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