NADAC Regionals

Your "fast track" to the Championships!

2019 Regional Locations and Info

    • Regionals are a qualifying event for Championships. Dogs can still qualify to compete at Championships in the normal way of earning the needed points, but if a dog attends, and wins a regional they automatically receive a invite to the Championships for two years, as well as receiving a “bye” into the finals round of Championships. The finals round is normally reserved for the top 33% of the dogs from the event.
    • There are no requirements to attend a regional, other then your dog must be at the Elite or Open level in Regular.
    • Anyone can come to a regional event. It is not a invite only or limited event. The Elite and Open Levels are the only ones scored for the event. Novice and Intro levels are still offered and encouraged to come out.
    • Teams wanting to enter into the Stakes divisions at Champs can also earn an invite via a regional.
    • Scoring will be based on Championships. As will the divisions. This will all take place alongside the normal scoring of a weekend trial. 
      • Divisions will be based upon your dogs wither height, and whether they are competing this weekend as a Veteran or Standard dog. The ‘bye’ will apply to your future Championships entry, regardless of whether it matches your regional win division.    For this year we are only splitting the competition at Regionals into Three groups

      Elite-Standard, Elite-Veteran. And Pre-Elite.   Which is the Open level for this weekend. And then split again by height, which is Miniature, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.


      • Junior Handlers will receive an invite if they can get over 300 Points overall.
      • Scoring is time + faults, deducted from a base number of 150 points. This is the same as Championships
      • Scoring is based on four rounds of Regular held across Saturday and Sunday.
      • Teams who are wishing to qualify for the Stakes divisions can do so as well. Dogs who successfully complete 2 Bonus runs from the Super Stakes line in Regular Regular with a DRI of over 100 will get an invite to the Super Stakes division.  2 Bonus runs from the Silver Stakes line will receive invites to the Silver Stakes division.     2 Bonus runs from the Starter Stakes line will receive an invite to the Starter Stakes division.   Runs will be judged as a normal weekend and must be in flow for the entirety of the run.   If you wish for these runs to count towards bonuses in your point record you will need to record and submit as normal.
      • If your division does not have any competing dogs, so you are the only entry, then in order for you to receive your invite you must get a minimum of 300 points overall over the weekend. If there is more than one dog then it’s strictly based off highest scores of the dogs in your division.
DatesLocationEmail ContactPremium
May 3-5, 2019Brighton, COmountaindogsports@yahoo.comMDSMay19Regional.pdf
May 24-26, 2019Conyers, GAdcdriscoll@att.netCOFMay19-Regional.docx
Jun. 7-9, 2019Nampa, IDjeannie@gotdogllc.comGotDogJun19-Regional.pdf
Jul 5-7, 2019North Kingston, RImickeycw@aol.comAddictedtoAgilityJul19-Regional.pdf

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